As Simple, Simply Said
By Giovanni Maria Tommaso

Copyright © 2012  As Simple, Simply Said by Giovanni Maria Tommaso

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   The first in a trilogy of compositions, As Simple, Simply Said creatively represents thoughts, images, emotions, and perspectives of a consciously lived spiritual and existential life.
    A delightful mix of free verse and rhyming poems, each particular literary piece symbolizes a certain perspective, which oftentimes goes unnoticed in this hectic world of cheap, easy thrills and desires. A wonderful expression of his thoughts, poet-author Giovanni Maria Tommaso’s brilliant use of metaphors and layering of meanings creates a vibrant resonance of images and lines, perfectly portraying gems of thoughts. Thomas Lee Pomeleo writes under the pseudonym of Giovanni Maria Tommaso. Presently, he has published the first book of his anthology, “AS SIMPLE, SIMPLY SAID”, of poetry and he is presently working on his two other books of the trilogy, “AS SIMPLE” and “SIMPLY SAID”. He continues to write in various styles that include different genres in his available time while still working a full time job at QWEST COMMUNICATIONS as a COT.

    He enjoys the process of writing and poetry is his chosen field. Tommaso believes that the written word is a lively means of communications used to convey thoughts, images, feelings, and emotions, surrounding the various happenings of life that make up the context of our lives.
     He believes strongly that poetry must be read aloud in order to receive its full benefit; the hearing of the words with the subtle and powerful influences of the reader give emphasis to the unfolding drama of the poem and its many nuances and interpretations. The reading of poetry is a performance art similar to an actor on the stage and must be preformed internally and or externally by the reader to allow the audience of the poem to obtain the full impact and benefit of the poem. Even non-sense syllabic words come to life and take on new meaning when read aloud because of their rhyme and
    The reader of the poem involves themselves wittingly or unwittingly in such a way as to become the main actor in the poem and thus intricately understands their participation in its successful
rendition. The poem then becomes a true means of entertainment.

    A new poetry book of free verse and lighthearted humor has hit the grand stage of Poetry, with pithy and serious overtones that will delight even the casual reader of poetry. As Simple, Simply Said by Giovanni Maria Tommaso isn’t as simple or simply said as it would appear. This little 88 page book of poetry contains 91 poems. It is the first book published of a trilogy; it is actually the last book in the series but the first one published. As Simple and Simply Said are due to come out soon, so be aware and ask your local librarian. In the mean time to get your own copy.

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