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anthology of original poems, “AS SIMPLE, SIMPLY SAID” by Giovanni Maria Tommaso
Giovanni Maria Tommaso, Poetry, 86 pages, Publisher: Xlibris

As a people forever inspired by the senses, poetry has always been a means for Italians to better understand the world around them. Giovanni Maria Tommaso, who was born in Rome, has been a poet for some time. But the palm and sun drenched landscapes of Italy have not been the setting for his rhythmic prose. Rather he has Colorado and its expanse of suburban communities interwoven with office complexes and interstate highways as the means for his inspiration.  Tommaso does us all a great service by publishing his poems in a new anthology, “As Simple, Simply Said”.   As our lives become more harried in an increasingly mechanized high-tech era that does much to quell humanity, Tommaso’s poetry reinvigorates our senses and feelings. The poet helps us to reconnect to our humanity.  The book contains 91 poems of various themes and a range of observations.  Tommaso writes that his work is noteworthy because they are an expression of a certain perspective and viewpoint of delicateness, which can go unnoticed or missed entirely in this hectic world of cheap, easy thrills and desires.  We all live through these moments, we all have a perspective about them; not all can express them.  Tommaso’s poetry is an enlightened view of our world today, especially relevant to those who live in Colorado and the West. For instance, he pens a tribute to the Mile High City that may get overlooked by poets and writers from other areas of the country. He writes in:

Denver City’s Monoliths

Lighted, towering monoliths,
worship the clouds and the sky,
Denver City’s skyline, skyline drive,
highway passage, I-25.
Pronounced spikes of concrete nets,
salmon colored reflections, against a
Pink and gold early morning sunrise.
Down into town from Speer's west side,
an awesome spring dawn site.

Many of us might have shared the same
experience resting on our favorite living room chair.
But Tommaso is able to express it in a
beautiful way.  He writes in:My Queen Ann Chair
Prodded feet of four and a flat secure base
to sit upon stands in my study.
With a sturdy back support to lean against,
two graceful mahogany pedestals and
Two sturdy substantial leg posts covered
with canvas cloth and leather.
She, my Queen Ann chair sits, beckoning
living room visitors in for tea.
Simple poetry for simple things.

Indeed, Tommaso continues in the great tradition of Italian poets.  As Simple, Simply Said is an anthology not to be missed by any Italian American.  It is the work of a true Italian, immersed in the senses, but with an American’s gift for expression.

Tommaso also advertises in the Sons of Italy magazine, Italian American Magazine

Life through the Eyes of a Poet
A brilliant collection of poems on life’s complexities and contradictions

Jacksonville, FL – (Release Date TBD) – Poems convey multiple ideas and meanings. They are ideal instruments people use to express emotions that could not be personally articulated. Celebrating life and the joy it brings, poet-author Giovanni Maria Tommaso pours out his heart and soul in As Simple, Simply Said, a brilliant anthology of poems.

The first in a trilogy of compositions, As Simple, Simply Said, is a combination of light literary pieces creatively representing thoughts, images, emotions, and perspectives of a consciously lived spiritual and existential life. A delightful mix of free verse and rhyming poems, Tommaso’s collection successfully reveals his views on love, life, religion and more.

Tommaso’s use of metaphors and his talent in the layering of meanings create a rich and vibrant resonance of the poems’ lines, and perfectly portraying wonderful gems of thoughts. For more information on As Simple, Simply Said, log on to

About the Author
Poet-author Giovanni Maria Tommaso was born in Rome, Italy and this small anthology of original poems, As Simple, Simply Said, is the first in a trilogy of compositions. He resides in Colorado and enjoys family and friends. Writing has been a hobby involving the sounds and the music of words used to convey intricate thoughts and images. This blends well with his aspirations for writing music and lyrics which he wishes to pursue as his future develops, along with the continuation of writing more books. The Author can be contacted through his web site,

As Simple, Simply Said * by Giovanni Maria Tommaso
An Anthology of Original Poems
Publication Date: February 14, 2008

To request a complimentary paperback review copy, contact the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7479. Tear sheets may be sent by regular or electronic mail to Marketing Services. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7876.

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    A new poetry book of free verse and lighthearted humor has hit the grand stage of Poetry, with pithy and serious overtones that will delight even the casual reader of poetry. As Simple, Simply Said by Giovanni Maria Tommaso isn’t as simple or simply said as it would appear. This little 88 page book of poetry contains 91 poems. It is the first book published of a trilogy; it is actually the last book in the series but the first one published. As Simple and Simply Said are due to come out soon, so be aware and ask your local librarian. In the mean time to get your own copy.

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